Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do You Really Want to be Banker of the Year?

Less than a year ago, then Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, Ken Lewis, was named Banker of the Year for the second time by American Banker.

Today, The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) announced that Mr. Lewis will retire from Bank of America by year end. This announcement comes just months after Mr. Lewis losing his chairman title over the Merrill Lynch debacle.

Mr. Lewis now joins Kerry Killinger (ousted CEO of Washington Mutual), Ken Thompson (ousted CEO of Wachovia) and Angelo Mozilo (ousted CEO of Countrywide) on the list of former Banker of the Year honorees who thereafter lost their jobs!

Sounds a bit like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Do you think any banker in their right mind wants to win next year's award?

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