Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Credit Crunch Officially Over

The credit crunch is officially over - at least for one of my clients, an operator of barges and a tugboat.

When referred to me by a Southern California chief financial officer, the borrower had to complete a refinancing of purchase money debt within 25 business days. They were in discussions with six commercial banks, but getting nowhere fast. The bankers were quite interested in the company's deposit potential, but had absolutely no interest in providing the equipment loan.

Within days of being hired, I submitted a completed application and full due diligence package to an SBA lender. A cooperative and well prepared client was a huge plus! We received an approval for an SBA 7a loan within 10 days, subject to an appraisal. The deal closed the last week of August with days to spare before the borrower's deadline.

Why is the credit crunch over for this borrower?

Funding 911 knew the right lender and presented a convincing story on why the SBA lender should expect full and timely repayment of the loan. The borrower can now focus on growing a successful company and not worry about finding money.

A couple of quick notes on the SBA loan market...

According to many sources including this CNN report, SBA loan volume has picked up significantly compared to earlier this year primarily because the secondary markets for SBA loans has healed itself - without much assistance from the government. The ability to quickly replenish their coffers and the attractive premiums once again available for selling these loans have enticed lenders to make more SBA loans.

By the way, as part of the spring stimulus passed by Congress, the SBA was granted over $700 million to increase guarantees and waive borrower paid guarantee fees. Sources say that these funds may be completely utilized by the end of the calendar year. If your business is considering an SBA loan and wants to avoid the stiff guarantee fees, don't wait to apply!

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