Sunday, April 08, 2007

Welcome to The Carnival of the Capitalists!

Welcome! This is my second time as host of The Carnival of the Capitalists offering some of the best the blogosphere has to offer on business, economics, entrepreneurism, finance and a variety of related subjects.

I have spent a lot of time reading and re-reading each of this week's 30+ submissions. I hope you enjoy the ones I have decided to include in this week's carnival as well as your visit to my blog, Show Me the Money.

Accounting and Finance
Yours truly, Marshall Lebovits, discusses how small businesses can lower their costs and accelerate their cash flow when dealing with big business in Small Business - Faster Cash, Lower Cost.

Bootstrap business: Building a Debt Free Company is a perfect example of why Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World is one of my favorite blogs. Always on message, concise and thought provoking.

Can management theory help win a boat race? Rob May of Business Pundit provides his answer in Row Row Your Boat... With A Little Management Theory

Sometimes small business leaders make mistakes of which they are often unaware. From IQI Strategic Management, here are six Leadership Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners.

Read about The Freestyle Entrepreneur’s call for action in Extending Paid Leave for Workers - Bad News for SBOs.

How to Get the Promotion You Deserve is the offering from Money $mart Life.

Personal Finance
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Worldwide Success presents Compounding – Friend or Foe?

Getting Green explains Everything you Need to Know About Life Insurance (and More).

Would you believe the spin? That’s the question The Digerati Life asks in Getting Rich the Easy Way, When Your Company Cheats.

Praveen presents Constant Value Investing With Virtual Shares.

Free Money Finance tells us about highway robbery in Social Security is Robbing Me of $1 Million; You Too?

Stocks and Bonds
Biohealth Investor raves about Dr. Frost in his posting eXegenics: Dr.Frost Continues His Hot Hand.

Interested in the Mexican Stock Market? Visit Trader’s Narrative to read A Trend Follower’s Dream: Mexican Stock Exchange.

Walking the Berkshires describes a new form of legal tender in Berkshares: Local Currency Strengthens Community and the Bottom Line.

Econbrowser takes a look at claims that the world's biggest and most important oil field has entered a phase of declining production in More Speculation about Saudi Arabia

Breaking the Shackles opines on whose heads should roll in Subprime Mortgage Problem Contained? Give Me a Break!

Marketing & Public Relations
Scatterbox shares with us The Good, Bad and Ugly of Creating Research to Get Publicity.

One Man Band discusses its own blogging experiences in Ad Networks Disasters, Publishers Divison.

Sophistpundit explains the economics of blogging in New Media Economics.

Time for Blogging tells us How to Gain User Trust With a Privacy Policy on Your Website.

Sales and Marketing
Not every referral is a qualified one. Read Stoopid Client Tricks #928 at InsureBlog.

David St. Lawrence explains the three skills needed for Finding Work at Any Age on his blog, Ripples.

Sox First and Leon Gettler blows the whistle on More BAe Shenanigans.

Show Me the Money hopes you enjoyed your visit to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists!

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