Monday, November 30, 2009

Business Lending Down Six Percent

Business loans in the third quarter of 2009 were down almost six percent according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

No doubt this decline will pit those in Congress who claim that TARP funds should lead to increased lending against bankers who claim regulators are demanding that lenders take less risk in these troubled times. With a fear of a second round of troubled loans primarily in commercial real estate, banks are as risk averse as ever.

The FDIC's troubled bank list now totals 552 problem banks - approximately seven percent of all banks. Fifty banks failed in the third quarter - the most bank failures in a single quarter since the fourth quarter of 1992. "Failure Friday" took a holiday break over Thanksgiving weekend. Look for bank failures to re-commence sooner than later.

If your business loan request is already in process, you still have a chance of obtaining funding in 2009 if you are working with the right lenders. Otherwise, a 2010 funding is the more likely scenario.

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