Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latest in Lending Developments

Here are a couple of things I have read in the last few days about the business loan and commercial real estate loan environment.
  • According to the July 2009 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey, demand for business loans and commercial real estate loans continues to be weak. Credit is still tight, though the number of banks increasing credit underwriting guidelines is lower than it was in the peak of year end 2008. Don't count on lending returning to "normal" before late 2010 or 2011 for either bank loans or commercial real estate loans.

  • Bank closings continue at a record pace with eight bank closings in the first half of August bringing the year to date bank total to 77. Over 300 banks were on the FDIC's troubled bank list as of the end of May according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). Don't expect the pace of bank closings to slow anytime soon.

  • It is increasingly difficult to tell if CIT's fortunes are improving if you were to read this August 13th Written Agreement with the FDIC. Regardless of who your lender is, it's not a bad idea to know your options at a time like this. I imagine there are plenty of lenders who finance accounts receivable that are licking their chops as CIT tries to overcome its challenges.

  • The spring stimulus bill has been good news for the SBA. SBA loan volumes have significantly increased and there is some concern that its allocation of stimulus money to waive guarantee fees may run out by the end of the calendar year. I'm in the process of closing a $1.3 million SBA 7a loan which was approved in less than ten days!

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