Thursday, July 09, 2009

Factoring for California IOUs

One of my factoring sources has told me they are providing emergency funding of California IOUs. This could be a huge assist to many small and medium sized businesses who conduct business with California but may not be able to collect on their invoices for months given the current budget stalemate in Sacramento.

The factor will buy the IOUs for 90% of the face value - you can sell as much or as few of your California IOUs as you need to support your working capital requirements. There are no minimum contract periods. The spot factoring is non recourse to the borrower - if California doesn't pay the IOUs, the factor will not require the borrower to make them whole.

If you already have a lender which has a senior lien on your accounts receivable, it doesn't matter. As the funding source is buying the IOU, it will not be subject to the senior lender's lien position.

Got that? Any questions on how to sell your California IOUs, give me a call at 310-371-4011 ASAP!

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