Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Top 5 Bank Leasing Companies

A major industry leasing publication just published its list of top 50 bank affiliated leasing companies in the U.S. ranked by net assets based upon 2007 activity.

Holding onto its number one ranking from 2006 was Bank of America Leasing. Interestingly, the order of the top 5 did not change from 2006.
  1. Bank of America Leasing
  2. Wachovia Equipment Finance
  3. Citicapital
  4. Key Equipment Finance
  5. Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

Of the top 5, Wachovia and Citicapital both booked less business than the prior year. Wells Fargo had the biggest increase in net assets growing over 50% in one year.

I expect the rankings to look different next year as Citicapital has sold off significant leasing assets to both CIT and GE Capital.

One other interesting note, more than 40% of the top 50 banks reported increases in delinquencies, credit loss provisions and net charge-offs. Just like other types of lending, the leasing arms are probably "cherry picking" deals and increasing rates in 2008.

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