Monday, April 14, 2008

SBA Takes a Breather on New Women's Centers

Today's Los Angeles Times shares a great story about how the SBA's Women's Business Center was instrumental in the success of woman owned business.

The CHARO-SBA Women's Business Center in Riverside helped Kathy Macias with a free business training class giving her knowledge, skills and confidence to grow her auto repair shop which now employs four. Women's Business Centers provide help through its programs with financial management, procurement training, marketing and technical assistance.
The SBA budget for fiscal years 2007 and 2008 included funding for 25 new women's business centers bringing the nationwide total to 116 centers.

Having served over 150,00 clients nationwide at the women's business centers, many will feel dismay that the SBA's 2009 budget included no funds to open additional women's business centers.

But budgets are tight and it's an election year. One never knows what will be the final result.

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