Monday, March 10, 2008

Servis1st Asks "Who's Your Daddy?"

A lot of bankers talk about building strong relationships with their clients. Not many bankers actually do it.

Tom Broughton, President and Founder of Servis1st, is the focus of a Fortune Small Business article describing his relationship centric focus in founding his de novo bank in Alabama back in late 2005. The target market for the bank is small business.

Broughton's philosophy is that by really getting to know his customers and their small businesses, Servis1st is able to approve some business loans from which other banks might shy away.

Loan applications? He don't need no stinking applications.

But he'll look very carefully at your story, your financials and your collateral. In fact, he's also likely to want to know about "your character, your daddy's character, your granddaddy's character, your track record in business, your wife's spending habits, your ex-wife's spending habits, and whether you go to church on Sunday."

Better be prepared when you ask Tom Broughton for a loan.

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