Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top Five Construction Equipment Lenders

Yellow iron. The equipment financing sources love this stuff. It’s got long useful lives, slow obsolescence and a strong secondary market. From the September issue of a magazine for the leasing industry, here's the top five construction equipment financing sources.
  1. Caterpillar Financial
  2. CitiCapital Commercial
  3. John Deere Credit
  4. CNH Capital
  5. Komatsu Financial
According to the article, these five equipment financing sources closed over 38% of all construction equipment financing deal in 2005 based upon UCC filings. Alternatively, these five construction equipment financing sources funded 73% of the top 25 funding sources.

Interestingly, with the exception of Citicapital, the top five consists of captive finance companies. CitiCapital was not included in the top five bank leasing companies I wrote about earlier. That being said, this list was based upon the number of UCC filings and not the dollar value of equipment financed.

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