Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Needed A Lot of Money and Fast

In 2001, when Anthony Terrazas needed funding to grow his services company, Terra Health, he turned to the bank. Not surprisingly, the bank turned him down because his company was new and had no assets.

As he describes it, Terrazas "stumbled on" factoring to meet the capital requirements of his growing business. Factoring was able to provide him access to funding without jumping through a lot of hoops, without incurring any debt and without giving up control of his business.

Today, TerraHealth employs over 450 people, generates over $25 million of revenue and tops the 2006 Hispanic Business 100 Fastest Growing Companies list . Debt free, the company still utilizes factoring.

Need a lot of money and need it fast? Give me a call and let's discuss whether or not a factoring solution is your best financing option!

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