Sunday, December 03, 2006

Show Me the Money Welcomes Carnival of the Capitalists

The goal of Carnival of the Capitalists is to bring together on a weekly basis some of the best postings from blogs around the world on the broad subject of business and capitalism.

Show Me the Money has been selected to host the December 4th Carnival – it’s my first time as host! Sorry to say this blog is not affiliated in any way with William Shatner’s game show of the same name so the only riches you’ll enjoy here will be from the enrichment of your mind! I reviewed over 30 postings and have categorized them for you to review.

I’m also including my first ever submission to a blog carnival, Unique Business Loans for Minorities. Hope you enjoy it as well as the other postings for this week’s carnival.

Would love to hear your feedback on which posts you liked so feel free to leave me a comment.

Enjoy your visit to Show Me the Money and come back to visit again!

In Listen to the Music, David Daniels of Business and Technology Reinvention shares his thoughts on Microsoft’s new MP3 player, Zune.

Kevin Henney of Quartz Mountain Communications believes that there are Lessons from Walmart’s Black Friday that we can use in our own businesses.

If You Don’t Build, They Will Leave is offered by Starling David Hunter from the blog The Business of America.

Jack Yoest of Reasoned Audacity speaks to the Entrepreneurial Exchange Group at NYU on business plans, management tactics and cultural challenges. So who is the mysterious teenage dreamer?

In The Truth About Communication, Carmine Coyote says that organizations today are suffering from a plague of pointless and unnecessary communication.

In The Power Game, Michael Wade of gives tips on maintaining and using power in the workplace.

In The Next Big Trust Scandal, Charles H. Green of Trust Matters tells us where to look for the next problem in establishing trust in the business world.

Whether on Main Street USA or in Krakow, Poland, Pawel Brodzinski believes that people are the most important thing in project management.

At The Instigator Blog, Ben Yoskovitz tells us that nothing lasts forever including business partnerships.

Accounting & Finance
Leon Getler of SOX First offers Rewriting SOX – It’s got nothing to do with baseball, but everything to do with honesty!

Marshall Lebovits of Show Me the Money tells us about SBA-like business loans to minority businesses when the bank cannot in Unique Business Loans for Minorities.

Menzie Chinn at Econbrowser asks Will the Dollar Fall? Would that be so Bad?

The Democrats are in charge and Brian Gongol goes on record with “Problems in Raising the Minimum Wage”.

At Queercents, read Ten Money Questions for Kara Swisher, a Wall Street Journal columnist and reporter covering all things digital who blogger Nina believes is a digerati rock star!

What lessons might you have learned if Steve Jobs had spoken at your college graduation? Read what Mike Dawson of the Time and Money Group might have learned.

David Maister presents a podcast interview of Business Week executive director, John Byrne, entitled “Passion, People and Principles”.

Marketing and Sales
Rob May of Businesspundit tell us “Why Branding isn’t a Source of Competitive Advantage”.

Wayne Hurlbert’s November 30th posting in Blog Business World suggests you look beyond your website’s home page to watch your sales numbers and company revenue grow.

Here are a few tips from James D. Brausch entitled, “Writing Articles, Brain Dead or Not”.

Stock Market
In Stock Market Beat, equity analyst William A. Trent provides insight into why he’s not buying Sony stock.

At Fat Pitch Financials, read what George has to say about stock Coldwater Creek's potential as a wide moat stock. Yes, he'll also explain what a "wide moat" stock is.

Jeff Cornwell of The Entrepreneurial Mind offers an important lesson for all entrepreneurs: "It isn't over until the fat lady sings."

Personal Finance
At The Simple Dollar, Trent gives us a few pointers on investing for a child’s future.

InsureBlog points out in Younger and Younger that long term care insurance isn’t just for the elderly. Henry Stern says us young whippersnappers may need it too!

Free Money Finance claims More Education Equals More Pay and offers statistics to back it up!

Think Money Wouldn’t Change You? Think Again! Life Coach Laura Young has a few thoughts on the psychology of money at The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life.

Sagar Satapathy presents "Lessons from Mom: 33 Easy Cost-Cutting Tips “.

When Wenchypoo can’t sleep, she writes about all kinds of things. From one of her recent sleepless nights, here’s Taking a Bad Thing and Making it Worse.

Poetry & Humor
Investors havin a little fun at Market Poetry offer “How to Get Rich Without Going Crazy”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about assonance or alliteration.

Mad Kane’s Humor Blog offers up “Ode to Prosperity”.

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