Monday, August 14, 2006

Cash Flow is Everything - Hispanic Business Magazine

In the August edition of Hispanic Business Magazine, CEO Anthony Terrazas of TerraHealth states that “cash flow is everything” and is one of the two biggest challenges a business will face. TerraHealth should be an expert on cash flow having been ranked the top company on the 2006 Hispanic Business 100 Fastest Growing Companies List. Providing medical staffing, consulting and IT support for hospitals and other healthcare providers, Terra Health has experienced a 203% compound annual growth rate since 2001.

Speaking of cash flow, access to capital is a continued challenge to minority owned businesses as discussed in the Hispanic Business Magazine article (subscription required) entitled “On the Winding Road to Capital Success”. The article discusses the role of pension funds in increasing the flow of private equity to Hispanic owned companies.

Don’t forget, cash flow comes first when it comes to access to capital. Limited cash flow and you still need money? Financing is still available if you have assets like purchase orders, accounts receivable and equipment to offer as collateral.

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