Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 5 Banks with Declining SBA Volume

As reported in the Coleman Report, the decline in SBA loan volume at five banks - Capital One, Bank of America, RBS Citizens, Washington Mutual Bank and Wells Fargo Bank - amounted to 75 percent of the nation's decline in SBA lending.

"This isn't to suggest in any way that these banks have done something wrong," SBA spokesman Mike Stamler wrote. "It's simply an illustration of how changes in strategy by a handful of national lenders can affect SBA's loan program."

This was the extent of the information available in the Coleman report. It's not clear if the decline was based upon number of loans or dollar value of loans. I also don't know the time period for which the decline is reported or whether the decline is in the 7a or 504 programs. I couldn't find anything on the SBA's website which provided more detail.

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